Pregnancy is a natural process which nearly every married woman has to go through. The pregnancy period is nine months in which a baby is conceived and grows until it is born. The pregnancy period is quite tough on every woman as her body completely changes as the baby starts to develop. There are many problems which a pregnant woman faces such as indigestion, backaches, cramps, heartburn, constipation, swollen leg veins, urinary frequency and lack of sleep.

There are many ways through which a pregnant woman can stay healthy during the pregnancy which are eating properly, having enough rest and most importantly keeping the body in motion by a little bit of exercise. Physical activity is very important in maintaining your health and particularly pregnant women because regular exercise can help them to boost their energy levels, remove some of the discomforts of pregnancy, tone the body muscles to prepare the body for labor and childbirth and help the woman to quickly get back in shape after the baby is born.

It is fairly easy for a woman who exercises before pregnancy to adopt a daily exercising routine and other women who do not exercise that much must consider joining a fitness center where an experienced instructor can help them adopt a good training routine. Exercising during pregnancy is healthy not only for the woman but also for the baby. A pregnant woman, however, should first consult with her doctor before starting any physical activities. The doctor would analyze the health of the pregnant woman, her energy levels and also the health of the developing baby. The doctor can also advise the pregnant woman which sort of exercise she should perform and the duration of the exercise.

There are numerous physical and emotional benefits of prenatal exercise classes such as

  • It allows the pregnant woman to maintain a healthy weight and within the guidelines of recommended weight during pregnancy
  • It improves blood circulation and improves heart
  • It loosens and relaxes the muscles which prevent constipation, back pains, and fatigue
  • It increases the stamina and endurance of the pregnant woman which is needed during labor and childbirth.
  • It increases the endorphins which help the women to feel good and comfortable during pregnancy
  • Prevents gestational diabetes and relieves swollen ankles

For a pregnant woman joining an exercise class is best to stay motivated, focused and on track. The prenatal classes are the easiest and safest way to stay fit and also get a chance to interact with other pregnant women. Some of the exercises to consider during pregnancy are

  • Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has always been known to relax both the mind and body. The focus of yoga exercise is to improve the posture, provide strength and increase stamina. There are different breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques which help to calm the body and mind. Pregnant women should be careful during yoga poses as some of the postures can cause pain and there is also the risk of injury. The slow stretching of the arms and legs will prevent the muscles from going stiff. The focus is on the breathing and the slow inhalation and exhalation of air allows women to build their stamina

  • Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates is an excellent activity to enhance the flexibility and strength of the core muscles. Pilates can help women better prepare for labor and childbirth and recover easily after the baby is born. But the woman should be careful and not overexert and lie on their stomach or back

  • Walking

Walking briskly for a few minutes in your neighborhood or nearby playground is the best exercise. Walking involves the function of heart and legs which improves muscle strength and endurance. Walking also helps a pregnant woman to breathe fresh air and interact with her neighborhood friends.

  • Indoor Stationary Bicycling

Apart from walking, cycling is also a very good outdoor exercise but as there is a risk of falling down, the pregnant women should do indoor bicycling on a stationary bike. The indoor bicycling helps to build stamina and there is also less pressure on the joints.

  • Water Exercise

Water exercises such as swimming and aqua aerobics are very comforting and pleasing. The water keeps the body from overheating and it is also less stressful on the joints. Studies have also shown that pregnant women who do water aerobics have less chance of excessive pain during labor than those who do not exercise in water

  • Prenatal aerobics

An aerobics class is wonderful to strengthen the cardiovascular system. The activity usually allows pregnant women to stretch and tone their muscles.

The women during pregnancy should only choose low impact exercise which is safe and there is less risk of any injury. It is better to join a class as a person does not feel lonely and is motivated through an entire session. And lastly, pregnant women should choose and comfortable clothes and shoes

About the Author:

Mrs. Michelle Peters is a gynecologist and often provide useful tips for pregnant women to stay healthy.  She often tells pregnant women to join prenatal exercise classes which will help them to stay strong and refreshed. Pregnant women can contact her on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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