Xbox Game Pass in now half the price at Amazon

There is no doubt Xbox is still regarded as one of the most versatile game consoles you can have. It is known for rugged consoles. It is not only known for top games, but it also gives you access to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based service where you are given access to download and play hundreds of classic games at a pocket-friendly monthly subscription. This offer is the talk of the town amongst avid game lovers. The dust that the offer has generated is yet to settle because it is difficult to believe that Xbox giving a price slash of up to 50% to game lovers.

This is the best time to go for the Xbox Game Pass

 It is going down on Amazon at a give-away price. Amazon is using the opportunity of their Spring Sale to give game lovers a marvellous experience that would be memorable. It is “buy 3 months, get 3 months for free”. It means you would have a total of 6 months of Xbox Game Pass for just £24. It’s incredible! This is a great price when compared to the normal retail price of £47. This means if you pay £48 you would have Xbox Game Pass for one year. It will be games galore for a complete 12 months. The price is not only reasonable but also amazing. This is more than value for money spent. The complete package comes with Xbox One wireless controller, 3 months Xbox Live Gold and the Xbox One S 4k HDR white console with the Xbox Game Pass for a total of £250. 

Xbox Game Pass has more than a hundred games to download and play. These games include Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Sea of Thieves, Fallout 4, Doom and many others. If you want to have many of the Xbox titles for a far lesser price, this is the best time to grab this opportunity. You don’t have to bother about your slow internet connection for streaming your favourite games; you can always download and play offline.

If you don’t have enough space on your Xbox console, you may have to purchase an Xbox One hard drive. Though, it may take some time for your HDD to get filled up. You may also need game console skins to protect your well cherished Xbox console from being scratched.

Amazon and Xbox are really shaking the table with this mouth-watering offer that would attract a lot of Xbox lovers back their once favourite console. Xbox has never come up with such an offer that would greatly entice a lot of gamers.

Xbox has taken it to whole new next level with this price slash. They must be aiming at becoming the market leader when it comes to gaming.

With this offer, Xbox has found a way to bring back a lot of game enthusiasts that were lost to their competitors such as Nintendo and Play Station. This offer will linger in the minds of many gamers for a long time to come.

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