Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to initiate a startup need to take into account several factors. One of the most important factors is making your brand stand out in the crowd. A brand for any company is like the face of it; it communicates the company’s values and makes it recognizable among its target market. So if your company is not able to take advantage of different branding strategies, then you are missing on something really important.

Dubai is not only termed as the economic hub of UAE but is a major international commerce and business destination for entrepreneurs worldwide. Daily dozens of companies try to market their product in this city to make a name for themselves but out of thousands who try it in a calendar year, only a handful are able to succeed. That’s because most of them commit a grave mistake; they don’t give branding much importance and eventually pay a heavy price.

Why Branding is Important in this Digital Age?

Most companies who fail to get their message across to their customers get the lesson the hard way. They look for a branding agency in Dubai to make sure they are right on track in getting the best assistance. Companies do need the motivation from branding gurus who work for digital agencies offering branding services. But exactly how branding can do wonders for a product/service. Let me offer you an example so that you can understand it easily.

Suppose Hyper Cosmetics is a new company trying to open an office in Dubai. The owners of the company have chosen this business after quite consideration because they know there is a huge demand for such products in this city. Launching events of new products/services play a major role in making a company and shoots and movie shoots are just some of the reason why a need for cosmetics will only rise in the coming few years.

Making Inroads in a Big Market is not Easy

While making sure you can get into a big market like Dubai is not easy, at least companies know that once they will penetrate through, there is huge scope for success. Hyper Cosmetics must also keep this simple thing in mind. While there is no way that they need to be over optimistic and think of beating L’Oreal or Maybelline in the sales figures within a year or so. On the other hand, they don’t have to be utter pessimistic to the point that thinking about making an entry against such established brands is simply not possible.

Effective branding can generate a lot of emotional response from customers, a sense of involvement and identification is what companies always look forward to. When a company becomes more established within the marketplace, it can dominate the sales as it can provide a clear association with its products and services. So what can Hyper Cosmetics do to make it a brand? Well nothing dramatically, as no one can do so overnight.

Now, let me offer you two ways in which any aspiring cosmetics company can make inroads in the big league.

Getting into the Big League: 2 Smart Tactics

  1. Affiliation with Fashion Houses: An affiliation with one of the top fashion houses can be a key step in making sure a relatively new company can make a mark in quick time. Once they can get the official sponsorship for any fashion event/catwalk, it can translate into fame and success as their name will be published in newspapers and get coverage on TV and Internet too. In short, this tactic can be really useful for a new company.
  2. Get in contact different academic institutes: This is a sure shot way of a new company like Hyper Cosmetics can make a killing in gaining new grounds is to get in touch with institutes and universities offering fashion designing, makeup and photography courses. Once they can get such an opportunity, the road ahead is quite easy and the destination to success crystal clear.

Final Word

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