The logo is an important part of any company. It is a graphical representation of the services provided by the company. This is an important part of any company’s success. The first impression of any company should always be impressive, and to achieve this, the company’s logo should be eye-catching and innovative. If a company wants to excel in business, it should ensure that a professional logo is designed. Companies often seek the help of professional logo design agencies like logo design Vancouver to design their logos. Many logo design companies provide services on a global scale. Promoting your business is one of them. Promoting your business is Vancouver’s logo design company. We have been strong since we were founded in Vancouver, Canada. Recently, our logo service in Vancouver design the best logo to watch for 2019.


You may have noticed that the logos will shine in bright saturated colors because they are very eye-catching and have been popular for some time. Do you also admit that the gradient is back? They are back in the game, they are colorful, and they are more vivid than ever. It all began with the redesign of the Instagram logo in 2016, and colors have been emerging since then.


If you have a software development startup and you are making a tailor-made package for your local customers, your logo will be different. Therefore, backgrounding your logo is an important part of your business strategy. It should visualize the style, energy, mission and everything of your brand. That’s why more and more companies are starting to use interesting images, character illustrations, unique icons and metaphorical representations of brands.


This contrasts with all bright, colorful logo images, but these two trends are not rivals, not at all. Black and white duality is an evergreen trend in logo design. It is a classic and elegant one, and you can’t go wrong. The simplicity of the simple method describes this trend. If you want a minimal logo, you should know that there are logo designers who specialize in creating only monochrome and minimalist logos.


This must be the oldest trend in the creative industry and the trend with the highest value. The use of squares, triangles, hexagons and lines has been around for many years and will not change. Not in 2019, this is for sure. Designers always seem to find new, creative and effective methods of geometric shapes in graphic design.


Sports research is something that we are more likely to involve only physical exercise experience. But how wrong we will be? In terms of logo and brand recognition, moving images in 2019 will be more satisfying than graphic and still images. Therefore, an animated logo is what most designers are trying. More precisely, they are experimenting with mobile typography exercises and action design exercises to create distinctive logos that are distinctive.

  1. Texts box

If adaptability and flexibility are the greatest value of current logo design, the trend of the text box is definitely a direct result. We see more and more logos being constrained in rectangular shapes, all of which have chosen simplicity and modularity rather than well-designed work. These basic shapes are usually paired with clean, sans serif typesetting, clearly identifying the brand’s name – not the other. This minimalist design allows for a variety of logo uses, as text boxes can be easily layered, color, layout, perspective or inverted on a photo or video – while maintaining readability.

  1. Variable logos

Similar to how brands might use two versions of the same logo for different applications, many companies now use them alternately by creating a variety of visually distinct logos. These logos are very versatile – they don’t even need to retain the same font or look. In fact, as long as all the logos work together in the same visual language, their different versions can change dramatically. The idea is a visual interpretation of the broader social movement to think more broadly about how design encompasses and speaks of many identities and contexts. In the same spirit, a brand in 2019 can attract multiple audiences by thinking about which principles or values are highlighted in each individual’s approach.

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