Video Recording of Interview, Tips For Its Location

Tips for choosing the location for an interview video

One of the most popular video formats is the interview and it is not difficult to see why. Video interviews can be relatively inexpensive and easy to produce, require minimal planning and often provide real value to the target audience.

When selecting a location you have more sense for your interviews, you would probably first have to decide if it makes more sense  outdoors or  indoors, then you have to select specifically where it would work best among the available options. To help evaluate the possibilities for your interviews, let’s look at the typical pros and cons of each one.

Indoor locations In general terms, indoor interviews tend to offer more opportunities for control.

Under study: renting a video at post production studio in Dubai is the best way to make sure you have the most control and options for your interview. This has a cost associated with the rental of the premises, and the production time necessary to make it look the way you want.

Office building: for B2B company videos, this is a natural option. It helps your audience to “know” your company and begin to eliminate “barriers to the unknown.” You can build trust and increase the sense of proximity and authenticity, unlike a studio, and generally does not involve additional costs of Location.

Lobby or lobby: it might make sense to record interviews in your corporate lobby. The lobbies tend to be an area to cover first impressions advantage so they can make sense. You can even have a company logo on the wall. The downside is that there may be noise from elevators, doors, passing people and noise pollution in the conversation that can make a professional interview almost impossible.

Conference room: many office managers will schedule interviews in a conference room, which are easy to book, large in size and could be ideal. What you may not realize at the beginning is to have open space, it is important for tripods, lights and other production equipment. It may also be impossible to move giant conference tables that have power outlets, projection equipment and integrated mobiles.

Executive Office: most of the professional offices are small for an interview. Certainly, it is possible, but it is probably a good idea to generally avoid this option. Only if the charge is especially important or photogenic, could it make more sense.

Specialty environment: depending on the subject, it might make sense to record in an environment that is related to the subject of the interview. For example, if you are interviewing someone about a product, showing the factory in which it is made could be ideal. If you are interviewing a software developer, then showing them who works in your studio can give a great reference “behind the scenes”. Eventually it can be difficult to get access to some places that are dangerous or that require supervision of the company, the legal office, or that involve business secrecy.

Private house: if the theme is aimed at consumers or issues directly related to the home, this can work well and help make it more “real”. Finding the right place can be complicated. To know the locations of first quality you could do with rent through a service such as tourist apartments, payment or with a location fee of a few hundred euros to encourage a reticent owner.

Bar / cafe / restaurant: conducting a low profile interview in a cafe can be a great neutral place for certain topics. What better with the conversation than the coffee? You can also make the interview less formal that may be important to the subject. In addition, a strong drink can loosen almost any nervous interviewee. Avoid interviews while eating, unless this is relevant, it can be strange and dirty to watch.

Outdoor locations.  Outdoor recordings generally offer less control of the environment, but when it works, it can be much more attractive than a boring office. Some of the most obvious issues with outdoor filming are the inability to control time, light and sound. It is worth noting that some outdoor areas require specific permits to shoot if tripods, lighting and other equipment are used but permits are rarely requested if done on public roads, without obstructing pedestrians or street and / or recording with small groups.

Let’s take a look at some popular options. Before an office: recording in front of your office building could work well to present your company to your audience. Most buildings are not interesting enough, but perhaps for your business it makes more sense. There can be people who come and go as at certain times of the day that can be harmful. In my opinion, you need a good reason for this to be good for video.

Park: parks are great resources if you do not have a good reason to record elsewhere. They can be photogenic and visually appealing. The compensation is that it can be busy, with noise or it might not seem like a good option for some subjects.

At street level: if the street is not too noisy then the interview “street man” can provide a lively and informal environment, and with an authentic feeling of interview. These footage will probably look less polished but this can be a good thing if you’re trying to stay away from the bored talking head.

Specialized location: Location of a place with the theme that can really help to bring a live interview and make it more real or clearer. For example: If your interview topic is about how green and sustainable your business is, doing your interviews to a series of solar panels or a wind farm could be ideal. You can also use the “power of metaphor” ‘to find a more meaningful, less boring place – in tune with the brand.

These are just some of the most frequented places normally. Surely there are others and I urge you to spend a little time thinking about how the location can help tell the story for you, with realism, conviction and credibility. Highlighting with video is increasingly important and finding an attractive and appropriate place can only help. Not all of these considerations may be relevant, but as you explore your options we would like to urge you to keep these key issues in mind.

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