Summer is one of the most anticipated eras by all, due to the color and energy that characterizes it and that infect us inexplicably. And if there is something that definitely stands out at this time of year, it is the splendor and aroma that the most careful gardens give off, those whose plants greet you with their most beautiful appearance.

Here we will leave you a list of flowers that come alive during the summer so you can be inspired and choose the one that best suits you:

Gallarda or Gallardia

This plant similar to the daisy is presented with warm and vivid colors that reach their maximum splendor when it receives direct sunlight. When your care is dedicated, it can begin to bloom in the spring and last until the fall.

Calibrachoa or Million Bells

This model belonging to the family of petunias requires little watering and plenty of sun to quickly obtain its characteristic open bell shape. Its strong and varied colors will allow you to create spectacular combinations.


This delicate flower with mainly yellow tones begins its growth in spring and is maintained throughout the summer. Its small petals are formed healthy when exposed directly to sunlight and manages to flower even in dry soils that can be watered.


This psychedelic beauty originating in Africa does not require great care to illuminate your garden. It is important to expose it to the sun and water it regularly without generating puddles or accumulation of water. These flowers that love warm climates close each night waiting for a new dawn.

Thought or Trinitarian

The sun is responsible for making this famous nostalgic plant bloom several times a year, especially during the highest temperatures. Although it performs well in semi-shade, ideally it can obtain sunlight directly.

Climbing rose

Is there something more beautiful than a rose? Yes, hundreds of roses adorning our walls. There are several species with this feature and have other peculiarities in common: they provide a divine aroma and shine with the brightness of summer.

Susana with black eyes

This species also family of climbing plants shows its five petals when spring begins to disappear to make way for summer. It is extremely resistant since, after completing this station, it supports even 5 ° C of temperature before closing.


This small plant complements every garden in the best way, especially when its bright colors contrast with neighboring plants. The sun is your friend and, if you are in a pot, it is recommended to expose it for several hours during the day.

Wild bell

Characterized by clusters of few flowers, but notorious for its delicate figure and color. It usually flourishes between the months of June and August to welcome you to the warmest time. Its presence in danger of extinction makes its reproduction important.


More than 200 species of this romantic plant exist to give shine and tenderness to our spaces. The sandy soils are the best ones for its cultivation and it adapts perfectly to sunny and humid seasons.

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