Owning and living in a beautiful and functional home is a dream of nearly every person. A home is the name of love, happiness, and comfort. A person buys a house which would best suit and fulfill the needs of his/her family. A typical house consists of rooms, bathrooms, lounges, a kitchen, an attic, and a storage room. Choosing the best home for your family according to your needs and budget is a very tough decision and second, most task is how to beautifully decorate the house. A person buys numerous household things which include furniture, carpets, curtain, and other accessories to enhance the functionality and looks of their home.

One of the most vital parts of every house is a cabinet and there are various types of cabinets to serve a different purpose. Cabinets are box-shaped furniture with drawers to store things and enclosed with two doors. Cabinets are required in the near place of the house from kitchens, to room and lounges. There are stand-alone cabinets and also cabinets which can be built in the wall. Cabinets serve a more practical function in the kitchen as the majority of the kitchen goods from utensils, food, dishes, and cutlery is kept in the cabinet. The cabinets come in varying sizes, with big ones more suited to the kitchen while short cabinets are placed in bedrooms and storage rooms. The cabinets are also installed in mudrooms to allow a person and his/her family to keep their bags, coats, scarf, shoes, and sporting equipment.

In kitchens of most homes, there are built-in cabinets but a homeowner can design and install custom cabinets according to his/her wishes. The custom cabinets are expensive to built as they are made from scratch and there are no pre-built parts of the cabinets. The built-in cabinets in the kitchens and custom cabinets both require craftsmanship and creativity which only cabinet manufacturing company has. The manufacturing of the kitchen cabinets is a complicated process as it requires many small operations and intricate skills. The three most key functions of a professional cabinet manufacturing company are

  • The shaping of the cabinets which involves the use of machines
  • Sanding includes activities which are repeated and involve body movements
  • Assembling the final finish of the cabinets by using tools in different positions

The shaping task consists of using a shaper to model the pieces of wood according to the design specifications of a particular kitchen. To perform this task, the worker must pick the pieces of wood and place them on the shaper, then push and press the piece of wood until it is in the required shape. After one piece of wood is made, the worker can pile other pieces and shape them. The shaping requires a lot of force and pressures so the worker must take breaks in between so as not to exert more pressure on the hand, wrist, and shoulder.

The sanding process involves the smoothing of the wooden pieces or sheets by using a power sander which is operated by hand. In this activity, the worker uses both the hands. One hand operates the sander while the other hand is used to hold the sheet of wood. The worker must pick a single sheet of wood at a time and place them on the work table. Then the worker should sand the sheets and pile them up evenly for further use. As the sanding is repetitive and forceful work, the worker must take the same precautions as in shaping process to prevent injury or dislocation of bone due to applying more pressure.

The last process is assembling in which all the components and tools such as staplers, hammers, nails, and screwdrivers are used to give a final finish to the cabinet. The worker bends, twists and extends his hands in the assembling process but also must be careful not to exert more pressure which can lead to low back pains.

While manufacturing special stains are used to give color to the wood and uniform the color. A deep penetrating stain is hand sprayed to reveal the true color of the wood. Next, the doors and drawers are air dried and then glazed before applying the final finish. Before the final coat, all the surfaces are again sanded to provide a consistent surface for applying the final coat. The coat enhances the clarity of the wood and also makes it resistant for everyday wear and tear.

The cabinets are inspected by professional people at the end of the cabinet making process to looks for any fault in the design or build of the cabinet. The cabinets are then packaged to prevent damage once approved by the professionals. The cabinets are then loaded on the truck for delivery.

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Mr. James Green currently works as an interior designer and often writes on social media in various ways to decorate your home. He recently shared some insights on kitchen cabinets and how they are made in a professional cabinet manufacturing company. People can ask him about other valuable tips while renovating their house on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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