The high protein soya meal is the major player in livestock feed. Most of the soya beans are treated for their oil and proteins rich meals for the animal feed sector. While a smaller portion of soya meal suppliers offer for the human use and introduce products such as soy milk, soy protein, and tofu and soy flour. Apart from consumption in food the soya meal offer many other benefits

From the total yield of soy beans high grade beans are purchased by the soya meal suppliers and manufacturers to make certain by products as well as sent to the lab for research and development activities

For humans

A majority of soybeans are treated to extract oil. Manufacturers source the raw soya beans and extract the oil from the meal. Which is further treated for cooking and to be consumed in the production of biodiesel as well as other industrial uses. These producer roast the high protein grits that are left over after the extraction of oil and can be well sold for animal feed sector

For cooking and frying foods soya bean oil is a worth considering option. Margarine is the byproduct of soya bean as well as salad dressings and mayonnaise are yet another example. Soya bean oil is also used for packaging and preserving many food items such as tuna, sardines, cakes, breads and cookies

A good feed for cattle and poultry

The rich protein fiber that residues even after the oil has been extracted is roasted and added into cattle and poultry feed as well as farm animals and house pets. The poultry farming and pigs industry are the huge consumers of soya meal.

More than half of the soymeal is treated to fulfill the nutritional value of poultry and a quarter is rendered to the swine industry. While remaining is supplied to the cattle and pets

Progressively higher amounts of soymeal is obtained from fish that are to be pet or farmed for eating. Since a majority of marine types are given the fish meal as a feed however, the shortage of fish meal is influencing producers to adopt to rich protein soya meal for huge collection of marine species. Throughout the world the soy protein is consumed to make feed for the cattle, fish, swine and poultry

Benefits apart from the food industry

Soybean oil is a major player for the production of biodiesel through a process of transesterification. The treatment extracts glycerin and leaving behind the biodiesel. The biodiesel based on soy oil is cleaner when burned as compared to the petroleum. It is produces lesser air pollution and its less harmful, reusable.

The byproducts obtained from recycling newspaper and soybeans are bio composites that area binding materials. And are a substitute for other products from woods, such as floors desks and furniture. Laminated plywood and finger joints are a real example of soy based woods

Soy oil is helpful in producing a harmless solvent that helps clearing oil from streams and creeks without causing any harm to individual, animals and surroundings. Soy serves an ingredient for many industrial lubricants, paints and cleaners. Candles made from soybean oil burn lastingly and produce lesser smoke. Inks made from soy are far better than the petroleum based inks as they are reusable, and easy to clean. The lubricants made of soy have the same characters as the petroleum lubricants while bearing higher temperatures of heat and above all they are non-toxic

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