Wikipedia is most popular and the most open encyclopedia all across the globe, hence there is not just this and a lot more to wikipedia than only reading through the summaries for breaking bad. Here are some awesome tips that can help you make the most of the free encyclopedia.

Create PDFs and eBooks for reading offline

Wikipedia has a book creator tool that you can take leverage of to transfer content to use on other device even if you are not connected. What is the better means to kill away time on a six hour travelling than making a wikipedia contribution for the Dutch inventions? Or any for your favorite sports team, the TV shows of the unsolved mystery, make your choice. The book creator helps you add multiple pages in the documents as well.

All the efforts needed are to head to the book creator page on wikipedia to activate the features once it’s done a new option raise at the top of every page, permitting you to add articles to your books. Keep up to view your books and you can add up a title and the synopsis, moreover you can export it in several formats, you can also get it printed so far or download as PDF.  

Go through the talk pages prior to make contributions

Wikipedia facilitates the contributors to just delve in and start editing and that’s to be encouraged, the more individuals who get involved the better the encyclopedia becomes. Though it’s often time worth going through the talk page to get the knowledge of some ongoing debates related to the article content.

Certainly on the pages where there are some controversies or debates related to the topic at hand, going through these discussions gives you a better insight about the edits that have been made in the past if you are making efforts to jump in and make edits that have been rejected several times earlier then it’s a waste of your time, it will get modified again and beside all that it might be fascinating to get a glance behind the scene.

Make use of wikipedia as the unbiased source

Wikipedia revolves around the neutrality and if you bookmark the current events page of the portal you can keep through the major news stories all across the globe as they appear. Not only you can learn the breaking points from these days however the previous stories and so far the background information can be easily extracted out going through the page.  Details of the most recent stories are  of the most   new stories are updated  quickly since there are number of people making contributions on every article  and there are chances of unverified and false information gets weeded out rapidly. You can even set up the recent portals to be your browsers new home page and get the updates of the recent stories every morning.

You can get acknowledgments of the edits made in real time

There are several Wikipedia data mash-ups to take from, however, one of the favorites is the Wikipedia vision. It designs recent modifications to the encyclopedia on the world map so you can easily get who is changing and where and what. Not every edit is contributed for the logistical causes however, its still fascinating to look at Wikipedia page creator for how the portal is created.

Wikipediavision is created around the list of recent edits to Wikipedia, you can make through the list depending on the date, type and the IP address as well as the lookup list of new pages that had been recently created and altered from the mobile devices. If you are looking for the insight of the inner workings of Wikipedia from your web browser then this place is best

Create a user account

Completely qualified Wikipedia masters should have their user account it helps you create new pages make edits in the semi protected pages make interaction with other users and create a personal watch list of the articles you take interest in and upload images and rename the existing pages. It also provides you the opportunity to finally become an administrator for the website. Registering for the free account and logging in every other time to make modifications also provides you your own personal user page. Here you can go through the list of all the edits you have done and contribute some autobiographical information and display the work you have done as a Wikipedian. A connection to the page that reveals your diligence and community spirit is more valuable than a link for your twitter feed on your résumé.


Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti is a writer and digital marketer from United States, he’s always exploring new skills with different platforms in writing and marketing industry.

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